Everyday life is a mix of perceptions: we watch the space, we smell the emotions, we feel the time.

Our thoughts are travelling through our souls, becoming emotions. Outside, after intersecting the laws of physics they come back to us as a imminent reality.

My artistic research is a ongoing process to define and express the position of the body-form within a emotional-spatial-temporal dimension.

January 2018 – “Markasu, el hilo cósmico” – Havana, Carmen Montilla Gallery. Visual  interpretation and performance to introduce the concepts of Space, Time, Water and Life. https://vimeo.com/256378407
September 2017 – “El Sol y la luna” – in situ installation in the Garden of the Museum Areny-Plandolit – Ordino (Andorra).https://vimeo.com/256765531
June 2017 – “Exile” – ICART Art Managemente School Paris. Exhibition and performance. https://vimeo.com/256772895
March 2017 – “Conexiones arcáicas” – ArtStudio & ArTaller Gallery (Havana). Exhibition and collaboration in a sculpture park with the professor of “San Alejandro” Institute of Art, Pedro Pulido. Visual and plastic study of the intersections between the african art and the balcanic cultures.

December 2016 – “Formas sucesivas” – plastic study of the connections between the form and the color. Habana Libre Hotel – Havana – Cuba
November 2016 -“Formas en libertad” – plastic quotes of Henri Matisse concepts of the form, colour and outlines.

BA – Arts plastiques – Université de Paris 1 – Panthèon Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Lives and works in Bucharest (Romania) and Havana (Cuba).